A Visit From a Meadow Pipit

During the further snowfall recently, I had a new garden visitor that I hadn’t seen in my area before – a Meadow Pipit. Probably pushed out of their normal farmland/rural habitats by the harsh weather, they’d found refuge in Cardiff gardens and parks. They were also seen in numbers along the Taff embankment. There’s a […]

Treecreepers and the First Signs of Spring

Treecreeper in Bute Park

For a few hopeful days in March, it really felt like Spring here in Cardiff. Temperatures soared to double figures, locals donned non-waterproof jackets and we started seeing some of the first glimpses of our Spring wildlife. Of course, we were all being very hopeful. Since that amble in the afternoon sun around Bute Park, […]

‘Beast of the East’ and Winter Thrushes

The ‘Beast of the East’ took everyone by surprise it seems. Including our winter thrushes! Posts and tweets were popping up as the snow fell deeper and deeper, ‘What is this bird? I’ve never seen it before!’ alongside a photo of a rather disgruntled, speckled visitor. Snow Idea Who That Bird Is For inner city […]

Howardian Nature Reserve in Winter

Tucked behind one of Cardiff’s busiest roads is a small, tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Full to the brim of different wildlife habitats, the Howardian Nature Reserve is sandwiched between the Newport Road industrial estates and the slip road for the A48, not somewhere you’d expect to find a […]