My 30 Days Wild

It’s once again time for The Wildlife Trust’s yearly 30 Days Wild project, a commitment from people all over the UK to get more involved and learn about the nature around us. There are events, talks and opportunities to visit the Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves during this time, and with the arrival of our summer […]

Stonechats in Spring

Male Stonechat

If you hear a loud, harsh bird song on the wetlands in Spring, you might just have bumped into a Stonechat, a cousin of the robin with the same cheeky poise and flamboyant orange chest. And did I mention that they are loud? A permanent resident not fond of inner city living, if you want […]

The Birds and The Bees

The tell-tale signs that spring is quickly transitioning into summer are becoming ever more frequent as we head into May. Last week we saw the fledgling waterbirds in Roath Park make an appearance, the first signs of swifts who have returned from Africa, and well, it’s just got a lot warmer here in Wales! The […]

Eggs-Factor: Roath Park Lake

One of Cardiff’s greatest joys is heading to Roath Park Lake in late spring to watch the resident birds nesting, and eventually hearing the pitter patter of tiny bird feet! This year I’ve been making more frequent visits to watch what happens and to see who’s going to be calling Roath Park Lake home during […]