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30 Days Wild – Going Wild In Your City

It’s the season to get wild! Yes it’s that time of year, The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild! For every day in June we’re invited to take a walk on the wild side, and to spend one extra moment to really notice who we share our neighbourhoods with.

Last year’s highlights for me were discovering the sheer amount of wildlife in the city (spoiler alert, there’s loads!), and getting to know the characters who I share my back garden with. I had a ridiculous amount of fun and learnt things which stick with me today, so of course I’m here to do it again!

Concrete Jungle

Sometimes it can seem a little daunting, doing something EVERY DAY, especially us city folk. It can feel a bit grey and concrete-y and very pigeon-heavy, right? So I’ve used all my experiences from exploring my city home in Cardiff to bring you a list of free, quick and easy ideas to go just as wild as our country mouse counterparts!

Robin at Forest Farm City Nature Reserve

Take a Hike!
Got an evening to spare? Go for a walk somewhere new in your city! There’s a whole host of walks which criss cross our waterways, parks and green spaces. Follow a route or get into the wild spirit of the month and choose your own path!

Make A Splash
So many of our cities are built on rivers, and what better time to spend some time getting to know your local waterways? Look out for wildlife you don’t see anywhere else, like our water loving birds and elusive dragonflies.

Go on a ‘Concrete Jungle Safari’
Rediscover the city! Sometimes we get so tuned out we don’t even realise the wildlife right under our noses. Keep an eye out for birds nesting in buildings, and wildflower growing through cracks in the pavement.

Comma Butterfly
Comma Butterfly Taken with a Macro Clip On Phone Lens

Become a Swift Surveyor
Our boomerang-bodied summer visitors all the way from Sub Saharan Africa will be looking to nest this time of year, and they love our built up housing areas to call their home!
The RSPB are looking for volunteers to count them to help protect them. Get involved here, no experience required!

Make it Snappy
See our wildlife from a new perspective by taking pictures! The camera on your phone can be a great tool to get up close and personal with our wildlife. Try a clip on macro lens (I bought mine from the cheapy discount shop) to get a bugs-eye view of the world!

Put U in Community
Get stuck in with a community project, there’s so much out there! From neighbourhood gardening projects to park litter picks. Most don’t need experience and they’re all hidden away in our cities! Find local environmental charities to see what they have happening near you.

Bluebells at the Park

You Got The Flower Power
Birds giving you the run around? Only got a few minutes to spare? Discover the power of flowers! Plantlife have some great guides to get you swotting up on what’s growing in your park and garden. You’ll be surprised at how much you find! Not sure on what you’ve found? Join in with #WildFlowerHour on Twitter on Sundays 8-9pm to get help with ID’ing!

Bee-come a City-zen Scientist
Protecting our wildlife isn’t just down to those smart folks who do it as their job (we love and appreciate you all!), us volunteers have got the power to protect and create real change for our wild neighbours too!
Become a citizen scientist and submit what wildlife you’ve seen to your local records office, or join in with Springwatch’s ambitious new project – Garden Watch! Most wildlife charities have their own projects, from the Long Forest by Keep Wales Tidy to Woodland Trust’s Natures Calendar. None of them require any experience and you can do them in the city.

Carder Bee in the Garden

Pollinator Pals
Show our bees, moths and butterflies some love by giving a little back this 30 Days Wild. Create a garden which provides food and shelter for some of our smallest and hardest working critters with ideas from Buglife here. If you’re renting like me, use pots and repurpose containers to create your own mini wildlife garden!

Support Your Local Nature Reserve
Make the most of these sunny early summer weekends by taking a trip to your local nature reserve. As well as having a cracking day out, and learning about some surprising neighbours, any money spent there will go towards protecting and preserving our wild spaces for the future. Win win!

Newport Wetlands Nature Reserve

There are so many more things you can do too! Every day you step outside or look out of your window is time shared with our wildlife. Taking part in 30 Days Wild doesn’t have to mean leaving the city or even your neighbourhood!
So sign up and get involved with 30 Days Wild, and share your ideas for us city dwellers below!

Stay Wild!

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Living wildly in Cardiff, Wales.

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  • Sally

    These are some brilliant ideas and I’m definitely going to try some of these in the city! Extra excited for 30 Days Wild this year as it’s going to be the perfect way to get to know the Cardiff area now that we’ve just moved here!

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