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#30DaysWild Day 1 – Feeder Fun

30 Days Wild

Today has been a great day for my humble garden feeder and for the start of #30DaysWild. The sun has been shining, there has been plenty of flying insect activity in and around my garden, and this has brought in some new visitors to my usual crowd!

So far my garden birds this year have included: House sparrows, Starlings, Feral pigeons, Wood pigeons, Collared doves, Pied wagtails, Fieldfare (snow visitor), Redwing (snow visitor), Meadow pipit (snow visitor), Robin and most recently the arrival of a House martin next door.

You’ll notice a distinct lack of traditional garden birds (tits, finches etc) on my list. But today just as I was about to top up the feeder, I noticed a very small bird which I thought might be a fledgling House sparrows who are regulars on the feeders. However, I was visited by no less than 2 new species – a coal tit and a blue tit!

Blue Tit
Blue Tit

I didn’t manage to get many great shots but it was great to see them in my garden, especially the blue tit with their bright spring/summer plumage! You can tell the blue tit is a male from the really strong colouring, females are a little duller in appearance. The blue tits went straight for the fat balls which had been earlier decimated by the starling fledglings!

Blue tit
Blue tit

The coal tit found my net feeder full of small seed, and as soon as it had landed, it had disappeared just as quickly. I’ve not even seen coal tits in my local park, so it was a real surprise to see this tiny little fella out in the open.

Coal tit
Coal tit

Coal tits have a black head with white cheeks and a greyish body, they’re the smallest member of the tit family and this one waited until the feeder was clear of the bigger starlings to move until he moved in. Adults tend to have a peach coloured belly so this might be a juvenile, or just a young bird. Hopefully I’ll see a little more of this little critter!

Everyone Else #30DaysWild

Other guests today included the Starling fledglings, who are becoming more independent day by day, squabbling over food and relying less on their parents to feed them. You’ll know if you have starlings in your garden this time of year as they really create quite the racket! Constant chattering and shouting at each other, working out who’s boss! I also had a fleeting visit from a pair of collared doves who got swiftly kicked off the feeder by a feral pigeon, boo hiss!

So a great start to my 30 Days Wild! Remember to keep track of my adventures here:

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