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#30DaysWild Day 25-28 – I Got Sunshine

Another busy week and another wildly sunny week! The sunshine has well and truly signalled the beginning of summer – the swifts are screaming, the fledgling chicks of spring are beginning to fly and the air is full of insect life.

Roath Park Lake
Roath Park Lake

In Cardiff, temperatures have been soaring to around 30 degrees daily, proving a challenge to the residents, wild and human! On a recent walk through the Howardian Nature Reserve I noticed the small brook had nearly completely dried up, and the wild flower meadows have taken the brunt of the relentless sun, with flowers struggling to get the water we all need in this weather!


But there is plenty of life about despite that big hot ball in the sky, and the best place to see it is by lakes and rivers where fledglings and second clutch chicks are busy growing up. Cygnet chicks at Roath Park lake are still downy and soft, but growing in size and confidence, but with some younger chicks still providing the cute factor!


Second clutch eggs from Coots have also been doing well in the sun – I spotted these very fresh looking chicks at a nest site on Roath Lake. Their parents keeping an eagle eye out for gulls who kept swooping down at the nest, but kept well away from their spunky parents!


RSPB Swift Surveying

On Day 28 I went to a meeting at the RSPB cafe in Cardiff Bay to discuss updates about swift sightings in the city from fellow swift surveyors. The evening was lovely, gulls floating in the summery ocean breeze and the clouds were dappled across the sky. It was really great to hear everyones stories of how they’ve done looking for our summer visitors, and all of our successes, and mishaps! The general consensus was that the swifts are late this year so we’ll be keeping a close eye on potential nest sites for a while longer.

After the meeting I spotted a few pied wagtails, starlings, swans and great crested grebes, as well as a lone med gull (from what I could see of it). I’ve heard people spot them around the area before so wasn’t sure if it was one of those, or a black headed gull. I didn’t have my camera on me so can’t be sure! There’s always next time.

Summer Moon
Summer Moon taken by my girlfriend Natalie Light

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