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#30DaysWild Day 4 – Swift Diaries

30 Days WildFollowing on from my post introducing my volunteer position as a Swift Surveyor for the Cardiff RSPB branch, this evening I’ve been attempting to film and photograph the groups of common swifts which call Tremorfa their home for 3 months of the year.

Common Swift
Common Swift

During the last week or so there are usually 8-12 swifts that circle my neighbourhood in screaming parties. They split up during the evening, I’m guessing to roost, or possibly go further afield for food. I’ve noticed they stay up as long as there is light, real party animals (birds?)! This means it’s easier for me to spot them nesting in the evening as opposed to the house martins who roost a little earlier.

Pair of Common Swifts
Pair of Common Swifts

Here’s my awful attempt at photographing them and filming them, but it’s proof that no matter how affluent your area and no matter how budget your camera is, you can record the nature in your area! Wildlife is for everyone.

How Can I Help?

If you’re looking to get involved in tracking swifts in your area, the RSPB have a form you can submit your findings into, including screaming parties. The more information the better so we can better protect swifts who’s populations have dropped at least 50% in the last decade. You can do that here.

If you’re looking to proactively make your home or area a more welcome place for swifts, consider putting in a swift brick, a brick that fits into your wall like any normal brick but has a space for swifts to nest in. Alternatively, you can fit a swift nest box high up near your roof which will have the same affect. Avoid using pesticides and supporting food producers who use pesticides.

Keep It Wild

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