7 Spot Ladybird
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#30DaysWild Day 7 – Ladybird Ladybird

30 Days WildA symbol of good luck, I felt pretty lucky finding a couple of native 7 spot ladybirds and ladybird pupae on my allotment this evening whilst I was clearing a small jungle of weeds away from my growing patch.

They all seemed fairly sleepy, I’m guessing due to the cooler and rainier weather arriving, and were nestled amongst the tall grass. However on sunnier days these little guys can eat up to 60 aphids a day! Definitely a critter who I want to keep on my patch!

7 Spot Ladybird

I’ve left wild borders around my allotment, which means a bit more weed picking than my more neat neighbours, but it’s really important to be giving back some space to nature when our flying insects who rely on those spaces are in such trouble nationwide.

7 Spot Ladybird
7 Spot Ladybird

I’m hoping to look more into how I can help pollinators and other creepy critters like the ladybird in the near future. I’ll be sharing it here when I figure something out!

In other news, my elderflower cordial is still brewing! I’m hoping to decant it tomorrow and will taste test it to see whether that recipe stays on my blog or not!

7 Spot Ladybird
7 Spot Ladybird

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