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A Visit From a Meadow Pipit

During the further snowfall recently, I had a new garden visitor that I hadn’t seen in my area before – a Meadow Pipit. Probably pushed out of their normal farmland/rural habitats by the harsh weather, they’d found refuge in Cardiff gardens and parks. They were also seen in numbers along the Taff embankment.

There’s a great video on identifying the pipits and skylarks apart here, but it’s small size, the fact it was feeding on the ground, appeared skittish and pointed insect eating beak made it identifiable from a guide. It’s name comes from the noise it makes, but the two who visited my garden were not calling, probably a little nervous visiting a new territory. I know I would be!

Here’s some pictures of the two visitors in my snowy garden. For more photos of Wild Cardiff, click here!



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