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I’m Pip, and a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to live as wildly as possible in the little piece of urban Cardiff that I call home.

I have always been a total nature nerd, from being transfixed as a kid by The Really Wild Show, to getting more-immersed-than-healthy in natural history books and magazines I found at charity shops. But I started to find it increasingly frustrating that I just couldn’t see how people like me fit in with it all, living in the middle of a city.

I felt like I had nothing going for me; no formal science-y qualifications, no spare money or free time to travel out of the city often, and a back garden that looks over an industrial estate! What I did have though was a bucket load of enthusiasm and some handy guide books. So, inspired by the hobby and volunteer naturalists I’d always looked up to, I decided to throw myself into the green, sometimes feathery, and sometimes slimy, world of our urban wildlife.


And so I began this blog as my diary, to keep track of everything I learnt about and discovered in the city, and share it with those in similar situations to me. I began to connect with it, and the more I looked, the more I saw, and I really began to realise how much nature is on our doorstep.

Join me (and sometimes my ginger sidekick Nala the spitz) as I get excited for experiencing and learning about the wildlife of this city, as well as discovering and sharing ways to protect it against ever growing threats, no matter how small the actions.

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