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On a spring day when the sun is winning the fight against the still very wintery feeling showers, there’s nothing better than getting outside, filling yourself with all those feel good endorphins and witnessing some nature magic. I headed over to Parc Slip Nature Reserve near Bridgend to see what a bright April day could conjure up for me.

After an hour or so looking for secretive adders basking in the scrub in the morning sun with no success, this dazzling orange Comma butterfly was a welcome relief to my fruitless search!

Comma Butterfly
Comma Butterfly

Commas hibernate over the winter and use the amazing patterns on their wings to blend in with dead undergrowth. They lay their eggs on nettles which are subsequently munched up by the caterpillars. Don’t pull out those nettles in your garden!

Other pollinators were out in force too, a few bee flies and bumblebees were busily bumbling around the hedgerows. This bee-mimicking hoverfly called a drone fly (based on honeybee drones) was making light work of the flowering gorse.

Drone Fly Hoverfly
Drone Fly Hoverfly

There was plenty of other colourful gems dotted about too, like 7 spotted ladybirds waking up in the sun and wild strawberry in flower. Hidden treasure amongst the newly emerging green spring leaves!

I love this time of the year! Wandering through a nature reserve on a sunny spring day is food for the soul.

Stay Wild!

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