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Blown Off Course

If there is one thing that is predictable in Cardiff, it’s that it is completely unpredictable! This week proved that again, when I noticed a new wild arrival in my neighbours back garden here in the heart of the city.

Following from weeks of turbulent weather and storms, a little grey wagtail had found itself blown into the urban sprawl of Tremorfa – a housing estate situated by busy industrial estates. Grey wagtails are normally found by rivers and waterways, where they use shallow water to find insects to eat – a far cry from suburbia! These slate and lemon yellow birds are considered red listed, meaning that they have seen significant impact on their populations.

Grey Wagtail Cardiff
Grey Wagtail Cardiff

Birds being blown off course is something that often happens around these parts. The mixture of upland, lowland, inland and coastal habitats means that birds are easily displaced during bad weather. Sometimes they are literally blown away from their desired route or place to live, probably like this lil guy. Sometimes they find themselves desperately in search of food, which is when you see countryside birds such as Redwing looking for food when the weather is bad upland. So if you’re doing a double take, sometimes it genuinely is what it seems!

I popped out a few mealworms on my feeder but it wasn’t that fussed on them, more interested in a particularly boggy patch in my neighbours garden! It’s been great being so up close to this plucky little bird, and I’m sure it’ll find it’s way home soon now the weather has calmed down.

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