Stonechats in Spring

Male Stonechat

If you hear a loud, harsh bird song on the wetlands in Spring, you might just have bumped into a Stonechat, a cousin of the robin with the same cheeky poise and flamboyant orange chest. And did I mention that they are loud? A permanent resident not fond of inner city living, if you want […]

The Birds and The Bees

The tell-tale signs that spring is quickly transitioning into summer are becoming ever more frequent as we head into May. Last week we saw the fledgling waterbirds in Roath Park make an appearance, the first signs of swifts who have returned from Africa, and well, it’s just got a lot warmer here in Wales! The […]

Eggs-Factor: Roath Park Lake

One of Cardiff’s greatest joys is heading to Roath Park Lake in late spring to watch the resident birds nesting, and eventually hearing the pitter patter of tiny bird feet! This year I’ve been making more frequent visits to watch what happens and to see who’s going to be calling Roath Park Lake home during […]

RHS Cardiff Flower Show 2018

The prim and proper flower shows of yesteryear aren’t the sort of places you’d imagine seeing any kind of wildlife or real, down to earth nature. But the tides have definitely turned, and the RHS flower show in Cardiff really pushed forward the agenda of gardening and conservation being firmly hand in hand. My visit […]

Spring Tales From The Riverbank

Brimstone Butterfly

The sun is finally fighting against the grey clouds which have been become part of the furniture of Cardiff’s skyline for the last few months, which means that spring is finally underway. And no snow to stop it this time! Nowhere does this show better than along the Forest Farm Nature Reserve in Radyr, North Cardiff. […]

Lovely Weather For Ducks

Great Crested Grebe

I didn’t expect much from a soggy walk through the Cardiff Bay Wetlands, but it was worth a wander through whilst I was in that part of town. If not just for getting away from the school holiday crowds. Most of the smaller birds had taken cover from the rain, I could see leaves rustling […]

Problem Plastic

The scourge of plastic is something often seen in a grander scale on the news; the devastating ‘plastic islands’ created in the oceans or the heartbreaking images of endangered wildlife snared by single use items. Only more recently have I started looking a bit closer to home, and the impact it has on us and […]

A Visit From a Meadow Pipit

During the further snowfall recently, I had a new garden visitor that I hadn’t seen in my area before – a Meadow Pipit. Probably pushed out of their normal farmland/rural habitats by the harsh weather, they’d found refuge in Cardiff gardens and parks. They were also seen in numbers along the Taff embankment. There’s a […]

Treecreepers and the First Signs of Spring

Treecreeper in Bute Park

For a few hopeful days in March, it really felt like Spring here in Cardiff. Temperatures soared to double figures, locals donned non-waterproof jackets and we started seeing some of the first glimpses of our Spring wildlife. Of course, we were all being very hopeful. Since that amble in the afternoon sun around Bute Park, […]

‘Beast of the East’ and Winter Thrushes

The ‘Beast of the East’ took everyone by surprise it seems. Including our winter thrushes! Posts and tweets were popping up as the snow fell deeper and deeper, ‘What is this bird? I’ve never seen it before!’ alongside a photo of a rather disgruntled, speckled visitor. Snow Idea Who That Bird Is For inner city […]