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Charming Goldfinch

Listening to birdsong out of your window can give you a pretty good idea of which birds you share your neighbourhood with.

On a typical day on my street I’ve got various gulls yelling at each other on the industrial estate, feral and wood pigeons lazily cooing from the rooftops, and the bickering of house sparrows and starlings from the trees and hedgerows.


One of the songs I often hear but don’t see the artist behind is the goldfinch. They are little showstoppers with their bright red and yellow feathers which jazz up even the greyest of urban gardens.
Goldfinch have a guinea pig-esque chattering song as they bob through the air, and I hear them going to and from the parks where they congregate en masse in a group known as a charm!

After a bit of investigating, I bought some niger seed, a recommended finch favourite, and a suitable feeder to try and charm the goldfinch charm into my garden. And it paid off!

On the very same day a goldfinch popped by and tucked into the seed, and made a few return visits. It definitely shows that if you create the space or put out the food for wildlife, they will come!

In my experience, if you’re hoping to invite more birds to your garden, have a listen for who is nearby and cater for them as they’ll be the most likely to stop by.

If you’re looking at purchasing some high quality bird food which is sustainably packaged, check out family run Garden Crowd. They also have great social media accounts and a blog where they share all kinds of smart tips for feeding birds!

Stay Wild!

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