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Feeder Highlights: Jan/Feb 18

It’s been a wet and windy couple of months in Cardiff, with the occasional flurry of snow and sleet to keep us on our toes. I’ve started to document the bird species which visit my garden, to try and see how I can help the biggest variety of species possible with the food I lay out, as well as creating habitats to suit them in my inner city garden.

My feeder

Bird Feeder
Meet the star of the show, my bird feeder!

I got a great cheap little bird feeding station from Wilkos for a cheap price for the options it gives you to feed multiple types of birds. The starlings and smaller birds in my garden love hanging feeders with fat balls and seeds, which are able to be hooked on easily to the station. It also comes with a water bath, and a seed tray which I fill with various seed mixes and nuts. The pigeons and doves really appreciate these, and are often seen rooting through the mixes, kicking the rest onto the floor for the rest of the flock to hoover up off the grass.

At the back of my garden I have a small holly tree which I have a cage feeder which attracts smaller species who prefer a bit of privacy when grabbing a bite to eat, here I’ll often see sparrows skittishly checking to see if the coast is clear before diving in for a snack.

Who visited this month?

Whilst my feeder has been very busy, it’s been with only a handful of species; predominately European Starlings, but I also have feral pigeons, house sparrows, collared doves and a very confident robin.

I’m aiming to increase these species by creating more green spaces in my garden for them to hide in, such as shrubs and hedge plants, which will hopefully encourage more smaller garden birds to investigate further! I’ll be introducing these during March and April so hopefully my next instalment should bring some new visitors.

Living wildly in Cardiff, Wales.

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