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Little Spring Things

The arrival of spring is like waiting for a bus. Firstly the signs are small, few and far between. The odd bird call and a feisty primrose fighting against the chilly showers and cold snaps.

But all of a sudden everything seems to arrive at once. The trees and hedges are bursting with colour, you can literally hear them buzzing with new life! During this time it pays to notice the smaller things, before the real riot that is summer begins!


This week at the Howardian Nature Reserve I did just that, nosing through the undergrowth to see who was about. In the shade of the trees forget-me-not stands out like little blue jewels scattered in the greenery. It’s joined by the delicate looking but deadly poisonous wood anemone, an ancient woodland indicator, meaning the woods have existed for 400 years or more.

Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone

And with wildflower popping up, our pollinators don’t want to miss out on all the action! It’s been a flurry of activity, with bees busily hustling from one flower to another, this comma butterfly sat for a rest giving me the chance to get an amazing close up of it.

You can get a real look at those amazing eyes which can see so much more of the world than we can by processing UV light and polarised light – smart!

Top tip – these pictures were taken using a clip on phone macro lens that cost a couple of quid from the bargain shop, and this nature reserve is just off a main road (Newport Road for the Cardiffians reading!) connected by loads of buses!
Getting stuck into nature doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult!

Stay Wild!

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