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Mushroom Meander

The nights are drawing in, leaves are falling, it’s a bit more grey and drizzly than usual – autumn is definitely well underway. But it’s not just us who’s noticed. And to be honest, we’re probably the last to catch on!

Wild Mushroom Howardian Nature Reserve Cardiff

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I know very little about mushrooms/fungi, and whenever I try and look up what I’ve found I’m met with endless web pages with hundreds of different types it could and couldn’t be. Apparently there are 1.5 million species, so I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it for now! 

But it’s always nice to see them around when wandering around nature reserves/wooded areas this time of year – they’re autumn’s calling card. I found these in the Howardian NR, I went quite late so didn’t go very deep in but these were found along the pathways.

Wild Mushroom Howardian Nature Reserve Cardiff

I particularly liked these smaller ones, they don’t look real – like they were drawn from a Studio Ghibli film or from a fairytale. They were clustered together along some mossy logs, and after a quick bit of research apparently these could be Mycena type mushrooms. I’m hoping they’ll stick around and I’ll take a smaller lens there to get some better pictures of them as they’re so otherworldly and weird.

There were also a few chanterelle-esque ones there too, these were dotted on the floor amongst the rotting leaves. These are definitely your quintessential ‘autumn mushroom’ that you imagine when you think of finding mushrooms in the wood.

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  • Ashley

    Great pictures. Yes, there are sooooo many, too many to remember, and I’m not carrying around a library of books in my rucksack! I’m going on a fungus foray with my local wildlife group in a few weeks so hope to capture some good examples on my phone (I don’t have a camera anymore; they’re always breaking).

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