My First Mountain, Snowdon

At the beginning of the year, me and my ever-patient girlfriend Nat, set ourselves a challenge. This was the year we’d climb our first mountain together, and after a flurry of Pinterest board filling and research, we decided on 1085m tall Mount Snowdon.

Snowdon Ranger path start
Eager Beaver

As first time mountain climbers (Mountain walkers? Mountain attempters? I feel like ‘mountain climbers’ has an amount of grandeur that we certainly did not and still do not possess), we decided on the Snowdon Ranger path. Sold to us as an easier path of 8 miles with great views, and a pub.

We had set a day aside for the task, and had everything packed ready the night before which we thought we’d need for a days walk.

  • Comfortable, breathable rucksack
  • Anti-blister walking socks
  • Waterproof walking boots
  • A refillable water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Plasters and ibuprofen
  • Fully charged phonesHiking along the Snowdon Ranger path

‘Thought’ being the key word there, we’ll hit on that again later. As we got closer to the carpark, the weather was, well, less than ideal for charming mountain views, but we were ready and raring to go. So up we went.

The Ascent

The Snowdon Ranger path starts with a series of zig zagging paths which seem to last an eternity as we warmed up. Despite it being a cool cloudy day in May, we soon took off our coats and headed off into the fog, getting redder in the fact every gnarly path we took. Much redder in the face.

Every emotion.
More emotions. And fog.









Over the next few miles along the ever steeper and rugged paths we’d experienced every emotion, eaten every snack, gotten every blister possible and being over taken both ways by grossly athletic mountain runners, gotten to what we thought was the top (the crushing disappointment when I realised I had to get up and carry on was immeasurable), then actually got to the top. Expect to queue to have your photo at the top, but it’s worth it for the smug ‘I just climbed a mountain’ feeling. We had some time to recover at the top, so had a look at the Snowdon Mountain Railway train which chugged by (with a slight tinge of jealousy that we weren’t able to ride it down), and a busy visitor centre with crowds jostling for position, which we avoided like the plague.

We then realised that wow, everything was red. Guess what we didn’t think to bring out with us on this foggy day? Sunscreen. Because obviously, it’s foggy. But there I was, burnt. Sat on top of a mountain in the fog, eating skittles. But who cares. We got there! 8 miles, 937m ascent, 1 bag of skittles and 2 bags of crisps.

So would we do this again? Errr, yes! A) I need a proper mountain view! and B) I actually kinda liked the adventure of the rugged terrain. This is a great beginners walk in a beautiful part of Wales, and we’re looking forward to visiting again in the future!

Top of Mount Snowdon
View from the top.

Living wildly in Cardiff, Wales.

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