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    Lovely Weather For Ducks

    I didn’t expect much from a soggy walk through the Cardiff Bay Wetlands, but it was worth a wander through whilst I was in that part of town. If not just for getting away from the school holiday crowds. Most of the smaller birds had taken cover from the rain, I could see leaves rustling whilst they hid away. Maybe I should have done the same in a coffee shop had it not been for the temptation of ‘what if I miss out on seeing some really great wildlife?’. Thankfully I was rewarded by a smattering of wetland favourites, including the fancy-feathered Great Crested Grebe. Diving for long periods to…

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    A Visit From a Meadow Pipit

    During the further snowfall recently, I had a new garden visitor that I hadn’t seen in my area before – a Meadow Pipit. Probably pushed out of their normal farmland/rural habitats by the harsh weather, they’d found refuge in Cardiff gardens and parks. They were also seen in numbers along the Taff embankment. There’s a great video on identifying the pipits and skylarks apart here, but it’s small size, the fact it was feeding on the ground, appeared skittish and pointed insect eating beak made it identifiable from a guide. It’s name comes from the noise it makes, but the two who visited my garden were not calling, probably a…

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    My RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

    It’s the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch weekend! For those of you who are thinking ‘the big garden what what?’, there is still time to get involved! The RSPB set up this nationwide project to map bird sightings in our back gardens for those who have them, or our local parks, to get a bigger picture of trends within bird populations. Have you noticed more small birds in your garden? Missing a few old friends you’ve not seen in a while? You don’t have to be a bird watcher or a wildlife nerd to help out. This is the place to get involved and make a difference. My Big Garden Birdwatch…