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    #30DaysWild Day 3 – Moon Flowers

    Tonight after another sunny welsh day in June, I took an evening stroll around the Howardian Nature Reserve in central Cardiff for a walk in the wild flowers. The reserve is a mixture of habitats; the shady woodland, reed beds and open meadow. It packs a lot of punch for a little reserve!  “At dusk it shines … like a fallen moon” Marcus Woodward With most other flowers closing for the evening, the bright, sunny flower head of the Oxeye Daisy was unmissable amongst the lush green everywhere. The word daisy comes from the Anglo-Saxon words ‘daeyes’ and ‘eayes’, which translates to ‘day’s eye’. This is because the small common…

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    Howardian Nature Reserve in Winter

    Tucked behind one of Cardiff’s busiest roads is a small, tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Full to the brim of different wildlife habitats, the Howardian Nature Reserve is sandwiched between the Newport Road industrial estates and the slip road for the A48, not somewhere you’d expect to find a reserve. And especially not somewhere you’d expect to find a waterfall and reed beds. The Reserve As I stepped from the concrete roads into the tree lined pathways on a chilly winters day, I was met with bird song and the calming rustling of reeds. It felt like I was miles away. The path meandered…