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    #30DaysWild Day 19 – Mystery Critter

    For me, identifying an insect I don’t know is a bit of a haphazard process. Flicking through my fairly basic nature guides, using a search engine and describing what it is and looking under ‘images’ and hoping for the best, or trying to use specialist websites for moths, butterflies, bees etc. However, every now and then I am completely stumped. I spotted this little flying insect on the floor on a drizzly day in Glastonbury, and it’s been bothering me ever since. So today I made it my mission to find a name for my mystery critter! Firstly I looked at the coloured bands, yellow and black and went through…

  • 7 Spot Ladybird
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    #30DaysWild Day 7 – Ladybird Ladybird

    A symbol of good luck, I felt pretty lucky finding a couple of native 7 spot ladybirds and ladybird pupae on my allotment this evening whilst I was clearing a small jungle of weeds away from my growing patch. They all seemed fairly sleepy, I’m guessing due to the cooler and rainier weather arriving, and were nestled amongst the tall grass. However on sunnier days these little guys can eat up to 60 aphids a day! Definitely a critter who I want to keep on my patch! I’ve left wild borders around my allotment, which means a bit more weed picking than my more neat neighbours, but it’s really important…