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Wagtails and Cobwebs

A quick stroll around Roath Park never fails to provide something of interest, whether it’s watching the mute swans gracefully floating by, or watching the greylag geese chasing round unsuspecting members of the public. But it’s also a great place to see smaller birds, and is host to a pair of resident Grey Wagtails.

These little birds are full of character, with business on top with their grey upper parts, and party on the bottom with their luminous yellow under parts. In Cardiff we often see a lot of their relatives, the pied wagtails which are their black and white cousins, and they both share the same inquisitive but skittish nature, and the love of shaking those tail feathers!

Grey Wagtail
Grey Wagtail

This one was multitasking with a bit of washing and preening, and a bit of catching lunch – creepy crawlies, underwater buggies and the like. Grey wagtails are nearly always found by water as this is their food source, and these ones like hanging out by the waterfall by the lighthouse in Roath Park. It was also using the waterfall to shower under, letting the water run down it’s fanned out tail – luxury!

I also happened to spot a fascinating spider, and had to stop to have a good nosy at it. After a bit of research I think it is a ‘missing sector spider’, which is because it’s web has a big piece missing which it uses as a way of retreating from the web – the more you know! Now I have the picture I can’t stop staring a all those little hairs on it, creepy but cool!

Other nature spotted include plenty of fungi that was looking a bit sad in the rain, a host of black headed gulls who were sitting out in the middle of the lake and a few cormorants thrown in for good measure. Autumn really is a great time to get out there and find wildlife!

Missing Sector Spider
Missing Sector Spider
Missing Sector Spider
Missing Sector Spider

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