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Wild Therapy – Nothing’s Perfect, And That’s OK

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and I’ll be sharing stories and snippets about how giving myself time and space to be in nature has helped me with my own journey.

This one is quite a personal one for me. Something that affects me every day, and is, to put it bluntly, a right pain in the arse.

When out in nature, whether it’s a park, a wildlife reserve, in the wilderness, our focus is never on the bad stuff. We’re drawn to the things we love, that we marvel at, snapshots and moments we’ll remember for all the good reasons. Everything I take away from being in nature is positive, and leaves me feeling fulfilled.

Long Tail Tit Forest Farm Cardiff
Long Tail Tit Forest Farm Cardiff

We never leave thinking about the imperfections; wonky leaves, not the right wildflowers, or an imperfect hue of sky.

It almost sounds silly putting it like that, but when I look at my work, or even my own blog, I’m immediately drawn to the bad things, never the good. It is all I see. This is what it can be like to live with perfectionism, a cause/symptom for those who live with anxiety type/obsessive mental health issues.

Focusing on the negatives leaves me feeling anxious, drained… it sucks the love out of everything I once found joy in. I’ve disconnected from things I once lived for because I can’t disengage my focus on creating an impossible perfection.

Imperfection exists, nothing is truly perfect – and that’s ok!

Just like that visit to the park, appreciating the bigger picture, seeing the goodness, not SOLELY focusing on the bad things (but it’s ok to acknowledge them), and enjoying things for what they are, is absolutely fine.

And I know that as part of my journey to overcoming it means I need to learn to at least be fine with it, learning from those feelings that I get from my time spent in nature.

And maybe one day, I’ll learn to enjoy it just like I appreciate my time spent outside.

If you or someone you know has similar thoughts, I recommend connecting with Mind here or seeking support from your GP. You’re never alone.

Stay Wild!

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