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A Year Of Bute Park, Cardiff – January

As part of becoming more aware of the changing seasons and the challenges that each season brings, I’m starting a monthly observation of Cardiff’s biggest and best known and loved parks – Bute Park.

As well as being one of the capital’s most enviable commuter routes with the Taff Trail weaving alongside the River Taff, it boasts a wealth of wildlife and chances to engage with the natural world. On a clear day, I love to wander along some of the lesser trod pathways that wind between the Taff and the Dock Feeder Canal. So that’s exactly what I did for the first instalment of A Year Of Bute Park!

Now, I’m not completely blessed in the photography department, I’m out of practice, I’ve got my girlfriend’s hand-me-down camera and I’m borrowing her mid-range lens (great for lovely views, a bit hit or miss for feathered friends!). However, I still managed to catch a few more charismatic birds, and spot a few camera-shy pals whilst wandering through the different habitats. Definitely given me that kick up the bum to really start nailing this camera stuff! Bring it, 2018!

A few species I spotted

(Not extensive, I know they find a lot more there, including woodpeckers and a few of the smaller, shy species!):

Great Tit in Bute Park, Cardiff
A Great Tit doing a good job at hiding from me!

Carrion Crow
Common Gull
Great Tit
Grey Heron
House Sparrow
Wood Pigeon

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